Themed Interiors mean we incorporate elements from books, films or objects that inspire you, to create spaces you love.

Inspiration is the secret that pulls a space together, but it also gives you permission to colour outside the lines.

About Tassels & Tigers Interiors

You are an individual, with your own dreams and whims that excite and inspire you to find beauty. To achieve personal greatness.

Your home should be a space where you are reminded of these inspiring things in a very real way, and I believe that you should be able to get this from the comfort of your home, on your own budget.

It's my privilege to apply good design principles and expertly sourced items to your inspiration in an accessible, online service called Decor-In-A-Box.

About Belinda Fourie

I’m an interior decorator and blogger, living in Jo’burg, raising two boys and loving one husband. I’m also a bit of a relic hunter and non conformist…

I like to find new ways of looking at things and place a high value on home life. That includes living in a peaceful, inspiring home that works for you and that you love waking up in.

In terms of actual accreditation, I have recognised qualifications in Interior Decorating, Journalism and Theater Arts and a background in Art History, Classical Literature and Languages.

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About My Services


Online Decor Consultations

Get a quick room makeover in the form of Decor-In-A-Box, or simply take the personalised advice and do it yourself!

Decor & Design Blog

Regular pieces on current trends, decor know-how, and fab decor.