Here's how to find the rhythm of your beautifully chaotic life and turn it into design inspiration

You may still be finding your funk and your life may seem just a little out of tune to you, but it’s that melange of events and emotions that often creates the most beautiful works of art. I decided to play around with the things that make up an average week in my life and create a fun, informal design based on that… and if you ask nicely, I’ll help you do the same.

Silver Woods Home Tour: Books, Nature and Family Love. It's all the colour you need

There has to be personality in your things – family photos or something you collected from your travels.  Most of the items we saw; liked; and bought. The big thing is not to try and make everything match – that can be too overwhelming.”

Far from having everything match, this colourful and modern home is testimony to the harmony that can be created when using family love as your umpire.  Take a look and get some ideas for using colour tastefully in your home.

A Short And Inaccurate History: Florals With A Vengeance

I was itching to design a room with the meanest, darkest and most dramatic of the modern day floral wallpapers.  Something that says, “I may be pretty and have soft petals and smell good, but you can’t step on me.”  We needed some badass florals! So grab your bike helmet, your leather jacket and floral kerchief and join me on an inaccurate historical journey to badass floral wallpapers.

Lifestyle Product Review: Chela-Preg Prenatal Vitamins

Ascendis Health launched a new and market-first trimester specific prenatal vitamin in July this year and asked a couple of mommies-to-be to try out the product.  Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this review if yours truly wasn’t one of them.  Before I started taking them though, I took the third trimester pack to my gynie to get the OK on the product.  Here’s the low-down:

Bathroom Decor Essentials That Will Make You Fall In Love

I'm fully qualified to tell you what your bathroom needs.  Why?

I have a not-so-secret love affair with bathrooms.  My family knows that I cannot leave a restaurant before visiting the restroom to see what it looks like.  I do the same thing when visiting friends or even strangers for the first time.  When I was younger I sometimes snuck a peek into the bathroom cabinet if I thought I could do it quietly.  Now I just sniff the toiletries. Yes, it's creepy.  Do read on! 

Tickle the Tactile Senses and Cozy Up Your Home

In South Africa, our summers are pretty darn hot, regardless of the province you’re in, which is why our homes are geared towards cooling us down – light, airy curtains, large windows and tiled floors.  That’s all fine and well, but when one of those winter cold fronts do roll along, it means that our homes become a whole less homely.  This is where the use of texture in home decor can make a difference.