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5 Pieces of Green Home Décor That Are Super Chic

5 Pieces of Green Home Décor That Are Super Chic

From recyclable to recycled… back to recyclable.  It’s one of the many aspects of green living and taking care of our beautiful earth – both for posterity and our everyday health.
It makes sense then, that if we’re trying to keep earth beautiful, the measures we implement to do so, should also be aesthetically pleasing.  The time when green household habits and building methods were hideous is long gone and even home décor has come a long way since the recycled little DIY projects that closely resembled preschool art. 
5 chick home decor pieces that are also environmentally friendly

Since then, the green home décor trend has established itself squarely in the shabby chic and of late, industrial décor styles and although I like of both of those, I thought it was time to look at green home décor that moves beyond these styles.

I trotted the green globe to source 5 really beautiful environmentally friendly décor items that would be worth buying even if they weren’t green. I hope you like them as much as we do! 

Colourfully Green: Home Décor In Any Style

#1 Paper Patchwork Chandelier from Moooi

This playful décor item is a firm favourite!

Paperwork Chandelier from Moooi - made mostly from cardboard

Although the general administrative trend is for people to go paperless and save trees, paper is also biodegradable and recyclable. So even if you decide to bury this lamp in the back yard instead of tossing it in your recycle bin once you’re done with it, the earth will probably still use it.

Made from paper, cardboard and wood (and we have to admit, some polyutherane most likely in the form of adhesives), this fully functional chandelier combines soft and daring colours that will compliment just about any room.  They’re so inspiring, that I decided to name them:

Rather Red, Orange Tan, Lady Pink, Misty Meadow Green, Farmhouse Blue and Forbearing Skies.

Its versatility is further enhanced by its modern style that gives a nod to a romantic, bygone era of ostentatious homes.

#2 Dried Seedpod Chandeliers by African Queen

This is as local and environmentally friendly as you get.  To top it off, the manufacturing process of these chandeliers creates jobs and uplifts the community.

African Queen employ locals from McGregor, South Africa, to collect, clean and process seed pods from surrounding Jacaranda trees. (OK, so Jacarandas strictly speaking are not indigenous, but I’m not going to stop calling it local because of that.) They then string them into beautifully designed crystal-type chandeliers along with glass beads and metal frames.

The amazing thing is that these chandeliers are entirely handmade and not a bit of electricity is used in the process.

I’d love to see a couple of their Crystal Snow designs in a large room with high ceilings and modern furnishings.  A glass coffee table and dark suede angular couch perhaps.

#3 Aluminium Bathroom Accessories from Final Touches

Instead of just one product, they have a couple of ranges of bathroom finishes.  All hand crafted from recycled aluminium.  What’s really cool, is that being aluminium, they’re sturdy and rust and corrosion free.

These rugged aluminium bathroom accessories will look beautiful in a country or industrial style bathroom and you can kit the entire space out with a basin, towel railings, shower mixers etc.  Alternatively, a matching soap dish and mirror can make a striking feature in a contemporary bathroom.  It’s a lovely accessory to white, duck egg and blue.

#4 Recycled Wood Kudu by BlockArt

Proudly South African recycled wood kudu head by Block Art

You’ve probably seen these maps and hearts around, but did you know that they were made from recycled wood? That scores BlockArt double points in the green department.

I also didn’t know that you could get them in such a huge variety of shapes and colours! There are all sorts of animals and icons that would be great for a kid’s room, but I chose the kudu because it’s proudly South African.  Also, horns are a trendy favorite of mine and I’m trying to capitalize on it before this hunter-gatherer emblem departs from our fashionable homes for a couple of decades. 

Cape Town artist, Kenau Botha, started making these recycled block artworks from wood offcuts while looking for a cash-strapping birthday gift for a friend. They’ve been great gifts ever since!

#5 Natural Grass Baskets from Design Afrika

These people have a whole whack-load of authentic, handmade basket ware from across our beautiful continent, which is why I simply had to choose two decorative pieces to talk about. 

Although baskets are hardly novel (in fact, they’re ancient), it’s the story behind Design Afrika and the fact that it represents an age old, yet current craft from so many different African cultures that made it green-worthy to me.  They’re also hand made by locals, from natural fibers indigenous to the different areas, so are sustainable and biodegradable. Gorgeous!

The first is the Bulawayo Garlic Gourd with its unique organic shape. 

Something about the imperfect perfection of the feminine shapes make it so much more than a decorative piece to me.  Not everyone may agree with me, but I’d go right ahead and stick it in any interior – Scandinavian, Colonial, Modern – you name it.

If it’s not quite edgy enough for your modern design though, consider the two-tone black and white Kannitraki half-half vases woven from natural grass and recycled plastic.  The contrasting neutrals makes it perfect for a bachelor pad with flair, while the subtle neutral shade of the grass will beautifully compliment soft pink or deep purple furnishings in a feminine lounge.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to get your green fingers on any of these recyclable home décor pieces, or if you’re not quite sure how you’d be able to incorporate them into your current home.

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