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5 Reasons why Plastic is the new Chic: Dining Room Chairs

5 Reasons why Plastic is the new Chic: Dining Room Chairs

Yes-yes, we’re all about the Greenery and using natural products – Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherer and all that.  But as the lines between Scandi décor and Retro home décor become blurred, a deliciously kitschy chic home décor opportunity opens up for plastic!

We look at dining room ideas using plastic dining room chairs, as well reasons not to have slipcovers made for your dining room chairs.

5 reasons why plastic dining room chairs are chick, as explained by an interior decorator in Johannesburg, South Africa

But it’s a family heirloom!

Now, wait just a second there.  I’m mad for reupholstering old family favourites. They’re sacred, they’re made from good wood and you can choose the fabric and colour to coordinate your whole room.  Slipcovers are even better, as you can take them off and wash them over and over again!  So if that’s the case, please get in touch to have them professionally colour matched and recovered.

But, if your family favourite isn’t really made from solid wood, or was not so much passed down from generation to generation, but rather from the @Home or Mr. Price Home showroom to your dining room (yes, most South Africans do like to get our great looking dining room chairs there for really reasonable prices), you may want to consider something new entirely. 

For one, the fabric itself is likely to cost you more than the chairs ever did – not to mention upholstery or slipcover labour and admin (the latter being the reason you hire a decorator to do this sort of thing)!

5 Other reasons why plastic dining room chairs trump slipcovers

#1 They’re modern

If you want to give your entertainment area just a little bit of an update, without going all glass and metal, pairing a modern dining room chair with your beautiful wooden dining room table is your way to go!

These Bella Chairs from United Furniture Outlets (UFO) in ivory and clear are simply adorable!

#2 They’re not style specific

What I like most about them is the design.  They’re a great mix of a stylish Queen Anne type classic, and an ultramodern material, which makes them perfect for just about any dining room and décor style.

I probably wouldn't pay R 4000 for one, but at their current special price of R1 500, it’s décor no-brainer.

And because they're all plastic, you can mix them up and still look chic!

#3 They’re easy to clean

That’s about it. No scotch-guard.  No scrubbing. No pilling. And best of all, no dusty, old food smell that tends to make itself at home on fabric dining room chairs after many happy meals.

#4 They’re lightweight

If you’re reading this, you’re probably South African, which means you’ve probably needed, at some point in the last couple of months, to carry your wood dining room chairs outside for a large braai (that’s to sit on, not to use as braai wood).  It’s not ideal though, as they’re heavy and both you and the chair will likely end up with a couple of blue marks.

Plastic dining room chairs, however, can easily be moved around and become whatever kind of chair you need them to be.  And then dried off or wiped down.

In addition, they’re likely to take up less visual space around your table (added bonus if they’re transparent) due to the light and lightweight nature of their material.  

#5 They’re a designer classic

These UFO dining room chairs are not just available in Johannesburg, by the way. You can get them all over South Africa and even buy them online!

Homage does need to be paid to their inspiration, however – the Louis Ghost Chair - brought to the masses by contemporary designer Phillipe Starck in 2002.  Please be sure to mention just how designer they are when you have your friends over for dinner.

The Louis Ghost Chair by Phillipe Starck is a modern classic and interior decorator's favourite, says Belinda Fourie from Tassels and Tigers Interiors

Another designer inspired plastic dining room chair that’s shot up in popularity since Scandinavian designs have graced our homes, is the Eames Fiberglass Side Chair, by designed Charles and Ray Eames in 1951.

As always, if you need help with some professional dining room ideas, or sourcing the perfect pieces (plastic or wood), we’d be more than happy to offer advice.


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