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5 Yummiest Mummy Things I Saw At Decorex Johannesburg 2018

5 Yummiest Mummy Things I Saw At Decorex Johannesburg 2018

What Tassels & Tigers Interiors Decor & Design Blog and Online Store saw at Decorex JHB 2018 for mothers

Because, honestly, who doesn't long to take to the open road every now and then?

I attended day 1 of Decorex Johannesburg 2018 on Wednesday and as mentioned in my post about the latest decor trends you could expect to see there, I was looking at this year’s show through the eyes of someone who both works and mothers from my designed space - the home.  I've highlighted a couple of things my motherly heart thoroughly enjoyed below and if you didn't manage to catch the show, I hope you enjoy them too.

Before we get into that though, I wanted to talk about one piece in particular that pulled at my heartstrings and inspired this post.

#1 The One Design At Decorex That Will Pull At Any Mother’s Heartstrings

It's called Mama Wami and is by dentistry student turned designer, Sifiso Shange.  It's part of a whole range of furniture pieces that are inspired by his roots in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Inspired by the mountainous landscape, the traditional complimentary male/female roles and the beadwork that's so iconic of that region.

Mama Wami Tribute Server. Photo by Sifiso Shange

Mama Wami is a beadwork inspired furniture piece with the mother at the centre, represented by a diamond shape.  She is a woman, a wife and a mother and life constantly throws things at her.  She absorbs them or reflects them, but always stays centred in who she is.

Beautiful, right?  It got me thinking about my own roots and female identity.  The term “roots” is often used in context of staying true to where you come from when living in a culture very different from your own - usually people from African or Asian descent living or working in a predominantly western society.  In my life I have learnt to earnestly listen when somone tells you about their roots and not feel the urge to find similarities.  And that's a good thing.

But listening to Sifiso talk about his roots and seeing some similarities with what I consider my roots, I realised that I don’t often give thought to my own roots.  And that's no good.

As a mother of a bilingual household, I want to teach my children about both my husband's and my roots.  The good parts about where we come from, because there is plenty of good in all our roots. 

So while reflecting on what you saw at this year's show, I want you to consider your own roots and the designs that speak to them.  The ones you'd like to incorporate into your home and communicate to your children or sphere of influence - because it has the power to positively impact the way people see these roots.  And it will play a big role in the formation of your child's own roots.  Roots that can provide a sense of hygge.

Other Motherly Designs At Decorex JHB 18

#2 She Shed

Decores Johannesburg Lighouse She Shed

Lighouse's garden inspired decor charmed my socks of and had me dreaming of warm spring days in the garden with little fingers helping to plant seeds and pick organic veggies.  I have a bit of a potting shed fantasy for those who didn't know. 

The perky pink silicone stick-on prosthetic nipples for women who have undergone bilateral mastectomies is what brought tears to my eyes though, and I'm definitely going to do a full post on that in the future.

#3 Trendy Taps and Accessories

Trendy Taps for a mommy's haven

I instantly connected with this mommy of two and her beautiful vintage brass, black and rose gold bathroom accessories.  I also have a bit of a bathroom thing.  Take a look at their online store and start envisioning your ideal bath haven.

#4 Zaya Crocheted Children's Toys

beautiful croched children's gifts by mother and daughter team, Zaya.  I simply had to have one for my kid that instant. No other choice.
sweet crocheted bunny from Decorex JHB 2018

I lost my heart to a little fox that reminded me oh-so-much of my little boy.  Then there was the metre long caterpillar, made up of balls and feet, that was being created while one half of the mother-daughter duo womanned their Decorex stand.

Expect to read more about Zaya soon and let me know if you'd like to get your mommy-paws on one of these timeless pieces!

#5 SMTHG GOOD Cotton Artwork Blankets

jacquard woven artwork cotton blankets

Blankets in general are a hygge staple.  These artfully woven jacquard cotton blankets are a mommy-moment must-have.  I'll do a post about the jacquard weaving technique and these SMTHG GOOD blankets a little later, so keep watching.

As always, if you are interested in any of these products, or need advice on creating your ideal space, get in touch!

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