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Baby Rooms, Bathrooms                           and Boudoir Wallpaper

Baby Rooms, Bathrooms and Boudoir Wallpaper

5 tips to on using bold floral and botanical wallpaper in unconventional places

Botanical and floral wallpaper used in bathrooms, baby rooms and boudoirs

It’s no secret that there will always be a place, whether it be a whimsical, classical, or gothic(al) place, for floral designs.  But since wallpaper made its comeback and boho made florals cool again, there have emerged all sort of bold and unconventional botanical and floral wallpaper designs.

And while the going is good, we think it’s a very good idea to floral the heck out of the trend before it sets sail for forgotten shores again. (This says a lot, considering how we used to feel about florals.)

The difference between botanical and floral designs

Before looking at the five tips we have to know what we're talking about.

Without getting into the technicalities of botanical illustrations, such as accuracy and artistic interpretation: All florals are botanical, but not all botanicals are floral.

Floral and Botanical Wallpaper Ideas

The below images of florals in unconventional spaces offers some principles we can take away.


Baby Rooms


5 Tips: Using bold floral and botanical wallpaper in unconventional places

1)     Don’t be afraid to go dark

Many of the images above make use of designs with dramatic, dark backgrounds.  Wallpaper is meant to make a statement, and if you're going to be using an "out there" design in a baby room or bathroom, you may as well make your statement count.  There's no reason why it can't still be nurturing and clean.

2)    It's art, but not a work of art

Don't think that because you have covered a large area in an expensive and beautifully, artfully designed paper, you can't put paintings or prints on the walls as well. It's simply a backdrop and can be complimented with images along the same theme.  

Adding a relatively plain artwork or mirror to a bold wallpaper can even restore the balance and tone it down.

3)   Use white or neutral furniture

Always keep the rest of the furniture plain when you have a bold wallpaper...

4)    ...Unless you don't want to

Although most of the above examples make use of wood or white furniture along with colourful floral wallpapers, there are some cases where the designers have opted to use particularly colourful feature furniture pieces as well.

The important thing to remember here is to make sure that the colour used, is from the wallpaper's pallet.

5)  Mind your floor

Something that does need to be kept simple when using such a bold wallpaper is the floor - if it too is busy, it will detract from the feature wall. In some of the above examples patterned tiles and black-and-white tiles have been used, but bear in mind that even wood, black and white and are considered non-colours and go with pretty much everything.


Tassels & Tigers


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