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Be Fabulous.                                                                      Be a Fabric Designer

Be Fabulous. Be a Fabric Designer

Design and print your own fabrics.

Because, according to Suzelle, anybody can!

Be fabulous and design and print your own fabrics
A quick finger count gives me more than ten of the most well-known fabric houses in Johannesburg alone, all of which stock a myriad of local and international design house libraries – anything from plains and geometrics to florals and pictorials.  That doesn’t even include your options in terms of fabric and fibre type.  To say that’s a lot to choose from is an understatement.  It can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t have a good idea of what you’re looking for and if you do, you’re bound to find the perfect piece of fabric for your new home deco project.
Because anybody can be fabulous with fabric

But what if, just say now, for argument’s sake, you saw a design in a shop about five years ago and can’t find it or anything like it anywhere, as was the case with a client; or you’re an artist yourself and you would like to see your own unique designs on your walls or bed?

Beyond Innovation is a digital printing company specialising in textiles.  Although they do a lot of corporate and commercial branding, they also produce the most breathtaking and colourful designer fabrics for residential use. 

The process is incredibly simple

You choose the perfect natural or synthetic fabric for your project:  100% cotton or linen in different weaves such as percale, twill, textured, light or heavy; or polyester, spandex, chiffon, etc.

You send them your design, or choose from their range of designs... or get their graphic designer to assist you with a design (yes, in the land of textiles the possibilities are endless) and choose your pattern repeat (how often, or over how many millimetres the pattern is repeated, which you may need your decorator’s assistance with).

They then prepare your chosen fabric; print your design with European dyes; steam it; prewash it to remove excess ink and finally hot-wash your tailor made textile to set the dye and preshrink it.  This means the fabric is colour fast and completely machine washable.

Once dry, they roll it back into a 10 metre roll and send it on its way – ready to become a curtain, bed linen set or feature occasional chair.

What will you do with so much fabric freedom?

The minimum you can print per fabric type is only 3 metres (that’s literally only enough for a small blind or occasional chair), but what’s even better is you can print different designs onto those 3 metres, so you can use the pieces for a set of scatters, different children’s rooms, or whatever you like – it’s your masterpiece!

It's always important to make sure the fabric you plan on using for upholstery, or heavy sun exposure, will be able to stand the test of time... or the the bump or UV test.  If you have a décor masterpiece in mind, but need a little help putting it together and executing it, we’d love to be a part of that process.

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