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Lifestyle Product Review: Chela-Preg Prenatal Vitamins

Ascendis Health launched a new and market-first trimester specific prenatal vitamin in July this year and asked a couple of mommies-to-be to try out the product.  Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this review if yours truly wasn’t one of them.  Before I started taking them though, I took the third trimester pack to my gynie to get the OK on the product.  Here’s the low-down:

Perfectly Nutty Butter

"Scott Oakley Hersey and his wife are health conscious foodies from America who moved to SA. They happen to really like peanut butter and found that the local store bought versions just weren’t cutting it. So they started making their own and realised that this could be the recipe for change in their community where unemployment is rife." By Belinda Fourie