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Silver Woods Home Tour: Books, Nature and Family Love. It's all the colour you need

There has to be personality in your things – family photos or something you collected from your travels.  Most of the items we saw; liked; and bought. The big thing is not to try and make everything match – that can be too overwhelming.”

Far from having everything match, this colourful and modern home is testimony to the harmony that can be created when using family love as your umpire.  Take a look and get some ideas for using colour tastefully in your home.

2016 Colours of the Year – Use Them to Calm Your Home

The 2016 colour forecast, regardless of the particular colour authority you consult on the matter, is heavily influenced by our longing to bring calm and meaning into busy lives.  Names such as Rose Quartz, Winter Haven and Cherished Gold underscore the trend in fashion, architectural and interior design to learn from and preserve both nature and times gone by in order to ground us.

Nature's Heroes

Jo'burg-based artist Dorothy Clark’s enormous oil portraits capture the magnitude and colourful personalities of some of the city’s well-known figures – a variety of palm trees, succulents and other African vegetation. Belinda Fourie interviewed her for Garden and Home.

Get the look: It's Polo Season

"Fresh morning breezes and well-groomed turf set the ideal conditions for those keen to take up a new hobby or dress up and step out for the occasion." Guest writer Belinda Fourie looks at polo - what to expect, wear and how to get the look with elegant decor pieces inspired by the season.