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Decorex Joburg 2018:  Décor Trends & Philosophies You Need To Know

Decorex Joburg 2018: Décor Trends & Philosophies You Need To Know

I was recently privy to a lovely, inspiring morning at the Plascon Spaces Showroom, talking about who and what we’ll be able to see at Decorex Joburg 2018, as well as the current décor trends we can incorporate into our living spaces.  Because I like empowering my readers with the décor know-how to find their own style, which ties in with the #rhythmoflife theme of this year’s Decorex, I’m sharing the trends ahead of the show.

Trend talk at Plascon Spaces ahead of Decorex JHB 2018 attended by Tassels & Tigers Interiors decor and design blog and online store
There are also three sets of tickets up for grabs!
Details are at the bottom of this post, but you may want to read through the whole post anyway.

Considering my current life rhythm as a work from home mom, it’s probably not surprising that I interpreted many of the trends and pieces through those rose coloured glasses.  You definitely don’t need a kid or home office to find oodles of inspiration from this first post though - it’s all about slow living, balance, harmony, nature and scaling down.

I’ll give you my nutrient-dense bite-sized take-outs of the trends that Decorex Creative Director, Anita Bloom shared with us.  It’s a quick way for you to get your head around the design terms you need to know to get your creative cogs turning ahead of the show so you can take in all of the beauty and inspiration without having to navigate the jargon… it should also impress your friends.  If you’d like a peek at the show line-up, you can find it here.


Trending Décor Philosophies You Need To Understand

These three décor philosophies are the important bits and inspire or work alongside most of the other trends.

Décor Philosophy  #1 Hygge (hue-gah)

This Scandinavian, specifically Danish trend, goes very much hand-in-hand with slow living and the senses and has slowly been making its way onto the SA décor scene.  I’m so pleased it’s now officially a local trend though.

It’s a feeling of complete comfort and happiness, derived from simple activities, food and material things.  Basically, that warm, safe and comfortable longing we’ve all had, but never had the word for.
The decor philosopy of hygge as understood by Tassels & Tigers Interiors decor and design blog and online store

Décor Philosophy #2 Lagom (lah-gom)

This Swedish Scandi décor trend was news to me, and is in sharp contrast to Trend #9 below, which used to be my décor philosophy (a little more on that change later this week) – more is always more. 

The decor philosophy of lagom as understood by Tassels & Tigers Interiors decor and design blog and online store
Lagom means, not too little, not too much. Just right.  Plain and simple and I love it!

Décor Philosophy #3 Wabi-sabi

Another one that’s been discussed a couple of times, hailing from Japan, which is of course where we get many of our modern-day harmonious living home design trends from.

Wabi-sabi finds beauty in imperfection.  The same goes for the impermanent and incomplete.
The decor philosophy of wabi-sabi as understood by Tassels & Tigers Interiors decor and design blog and online store

Décor Trends You Need To Know About

The first two are the easiest ones to relate back to the décor philosophies of simplicity and harmony.  From there on the natural materials take on a progressive nature of their own and wind up on the other end of the spectrum, i.e. More is More.

Trend #1 Elevated Organics

Here we’re still bringing natural and organic materials into our homes to ground us and to create a neutral backdrop to decorate from. This includes raw wood, whites and neutrals, metals and of course, indoor greenery is no dead by a long shot!

Trend #2 Room Dividers

A nod to the old way of doing things, with a lot of Japanese, wood and country inspiration.  This practical, space creating trend has been a long time coming… and I’m just over the moon because I have a wonky (not quite wabi-sabi) one I’ve had plans with for the last 12 years since I first picked it from my grannies stuff and made the family say, “Why do you want that junk?”

Trend #3 Mixed Metallics

Watching the seemingly endless upward climb of rose gold the last few years, realising that this trend was getting stale and unsustainable but that people were insatiable at the same time, I saw this as the only logical way forward for metallics in décor.

It is now, and has been for a while, quite OK to mix gold, silver, copper, rose gold and perhaps more importantly, also wood and iron.

There’s a new player, however, and I’m intrigued to see how it unfolds as a little birdie told me this trend will also be making its way into the beauty and automotive industries.  Drum roll….. it’s iridescent.

Iridescent is a sparkly, lustrous surface that changes colour when viewed from different angles.  Think bubbles, petrol on tar, mother of pearl, metal-oxide, etc. (link to the rainbow painting article I did)
A summary of the decor and design trends of 2018, complied by Tassels & Tigers interiors decor and design blog and online store

Trend #4 Refreshed Jewel Tones

I’m loving this, because I’ve not nearly had enough of the jewel tone velvets and walls that add just the right amount (lagom?) of drama to our decorated spaces!

They are now a little more mature – more dusty and toned down, but still as rich and impactful as ever.

Trend #5 Terrazzo

Sticking with the jewels and iridescence, this Italian trend embeds bits of broken granite and marble into concrete for tiles and countertops.  The new take on this sees bits of colourful glass in neutral surfaces, giving the surfaces a colourful semi-precious sort of look.  Of course, the trend is not bound to the original material, but gets re-interpreted into designs.

Trend #6 Moroccan Fish Scales

This is another tiling trend that gets used in new designs.  It overlaps with the mixed metal, more is more and iridescent trend as well.

Trend #7 Large Scale Wall Art

Basically, gallery walls are over (more lagom) and single, significant pieces that take up a lot of wall space is in (hygge).  Also, if it stands on the floor it saves you the effort of drilling a hole and it’s even better (wabi-sabi).

Trend #8 Psychotropical

As the name suggests, it’s a psychedelic interpretation of the last few years’ tropical trend.  It’s inspired by digital print, which would make sense then that we can expect to see it more in brand activations and business décor than the classic home décor which needs to be a little more evergreen than neon green. 

Surprisingly, this wacky trend still links back to elevated organics and greenery in a twisted way.  I’m all for re-interpreting florals, but will have to see how long this trend sticks around.


Trend #9 More Is More

Well, what more can I say?  Ironically, this last trend is both in contrast to and materialisation of the three décor philosophies.  Keep things clean and simple, keep it balanced and harmonious.  But if some of your old and precious things mixed with shiny, new things bring you much joy, find beauty in that imperfect.

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Show Dates

8 – 12 August 2018 10 am – 6pm (Thursday and Friday are trade focussed)

Ticket Prices

Adults – R 120

Student/Pensioners – R100

Kids U12 – R20

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