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My Five Favourite Ugly Things -                       Interior Decorator

My Five Favourite Ugly Things - Interior Decorator

I thought that whatever wasn’t in my taste was ugly. In poor taste or kitsch even!


five things i thought were ugly decor tiger mirrored cabinet, floral print, green, delicious monster, african dutch wax prints


Some may call it bliss, but I most certainly prefer the feeling being enlightened gives me.  Before I became a decorator, when I was simply someone who liked pretty home and décor things, I thought I had good taste.

When shopping with friends over the past year I increasingly find my point-and-comment “That’s pretty” met by a “No.” or “Not for me” which really is a polite way of saying “No.” 

It is then that I started to realise the things I used to think were obviously and universally ugly, became quite pretty when I started to appreciate what they could be used for.

Here are the five things I thought were ugly                                                                                   until I became a decorator:

1.       Mirrored Furniture

Image from Pottery Barn

Image from Pottery Barn

Beautifully feminine and elegant!

Get your own elegant bedside table from United Furniture Outlet for R 6000.

2.       Florals

Image from House to Home

Image from House to Home

"Not my taste" I would have said.  Here's more floral inspiration in the form of Spring Art and Botanical Wallpaper.

Get this fabric from the Hertex Digiflora range.  Price on request.

3.       Green

Image from Inside Out.

Image from Inside Out.

Nothing ugly about this green room! Get that velvet chair here.

This green Delicious Monster print is from Superbalist from R99.

4.       Animal carpets

Image from Architectural Digest

Image from Architectural Digest

See the Tibetan tigers on that rug? Pretty, right? Here's how to buy a good one!

If you, like I have seen the light about this brave rug, you can get it from Rugs Original for R 1080.

5.       African Dutch Wax Prints

From House & Garden Magazine, UK

From House & Garden Magazine, UK

Endless possibilities for those who want to see.  Here's how to use them.

Scatters will be available from the soon-to-be Tassels & Tigers Online Decor Store

* Header image from House of Jade Interiors

Let me know which of these pretty ugly things you really truly love!


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