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A Short And Inaccurate History:             Florals With A Vengeance

A Short And Inaccurate History: Florals With A Vengeance

The idea for this post and really this whole month’s theme came to me after a floral loving client needed to move business premises and wasn’t too happy about it.  She needed new florals for her new spot and I felt we needed something a little more hard-core. 

Something that says, “I may be pretty and have soft petals and smell good, but you can’t step on me.”  We needed some badass florals!

Whether you love or hate them, floral designs have been around since 2800 B.C (that’s right, the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all made decorative use of flowers as garlands, wreaths and table décor) and have been coming in and out of fashion in different forms ever since. 

Take wallpapers for example

What follows is a very brief history, accurate only as far as my recollection and limited observations of the whole affair go. 

So grab your bike helmet, your leather jacket and floral kerchief (and stick-on rose tattoo if you must) and enjoy the journey to badass floral wallpapers.

Floral wallpapers date back from the 1700's.  According to a very reliable source I briefly skimmed to make my point, Wikipedia, some of the first floral wallpapers were from China and depicted scenes and repeats of stylized flowers, animals and people.

Kinda sounds like toile to me

It's an absolute favourite of mine.  I seriously can't get enough of the stuff and just decided to do a post about it a little later in the year.  In the meantime, check out this post on where I recently got the opportunity to use some toile guest bathroom decor

But apparently, it actually looked a little more like this.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper

It's another absolute favourite of mine and actually makes my toes curl with excitement. I long for the day that I'll be able to go ape in a room with Chinoiserie.

Skip forward a few hundred years and floral revivals to the ones that stand out to me from my childhood.

#1 The 1960's and 1970's

Delicate floral designs in pale pinks, greens and yellows on our walls and in our beds.  Some of them a little more psychedelic than most homemakers of the time may have cared for, had they realised.  Creepy!

Although they're a little before my time, remnants of yesteryear's home decor could be seen around my house and those of other kids my age.

#2: Biggie Best, Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley & The Likes

Then Biggy Best gifted us with slightly bolder, slightly brighter florals and matching stripes... and then some more matching florals for drapes, bed linen, scatters, couches, lampshades, etc. etc. It's pretty.  But it was in every bedroom of my granny's house and although I remember it fondly, it was a bit much. 

Finally, a few years back, floral designs and wallpaper finally syncronised their return (wallpaper too had its ups and downs, not documented in this very precise history of floral wallpaper) and gave us a little less sugar, a little more spice.

Florals with a vengeance

It was tremendous! The hispters, Bohemians, Scandinavians, Shabby Chic crafters and Classic décor darlings all went wild. 

The designs have been quite varied, with some reinventing designs from the previous eras mentioned here, while others simply dug them up and called them vintage.  But as mentioned at the outset, I was itching to design a room with the meanest, darkest and most dramatic of these modern day floral wallpapers.

The inspiration

My design

Badass florals.jpg

If you have any badass floral decor needs, or perhaps some floral (or other) decor products you'd like me to review and use in a Tassels & Tigers design, you know where to get in touch!

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