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3 Tips For Using Animal Designs In Your Home

3 Tips For Using Animal Designs In Your Home

Get Your Paws On The Original Pomme-Pidou Creations

Even those of us with the most minimalist, clean décor taste will find that if we’re being honest, we probably have at least one animal replica in our homes.  I dare you to have a look around the house for an ornament, artwork or fabric design inspired by an animal and come back empty handed.  And neither should you!

The use of animals in art and design dates as far back as the prehistoric rock art era – the very first art period.  These artists adorned their homes with paintings and engravings of various animals from their regions.  Whether it’s because they were hunted, herded, worshipped or domesticated, these animals formed part of the artists’ daily lives and as result, their likenesses were immortalised on cave walls of every continent on this earth.  That is, every continent except Antarctica, because, painting on an igloo wall is tricky I guess. 

Is it any wonder then that we do the same? We eat and wear their produce, protect them, are entertained by them and form loving relationships with animals.  So perhaps the need to have small replicas of them in our homes is just another subtle form of honouring them for their sacrifices and pet keeping.

A Brightly Coloured Zoo Called Pomme-Pidou

Whatever the reason, the use of animals in design truly transcend styles, classes and cultures and the lively herd of animals I recently came across is proof of this.  The design and environmentally conscious Pomme-Pidou ceramic animals originated in Belgium and made their way to South Africa through local furniture makers, Restorey.  They brought a quirky rhino head named Lola home from a family vacation and after seeing her popularity with house guests, decided to bring the range of animal heads and moneyboxes to South Africa.

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The figures are created through an environmentally friendly process, using recycled goods where possible.  Each ceramic animal is moulded from the original before the design is transferred onto it by hand from a glue-treated, patterned sheet of film.  The creatures are then heat treated and named.  Once lovingly boxed, they’re shipped all over the globe.  Much like the real animals inspiring these creations, designs vary from one continent to another.

A couple of my favourite designs include King Duck, Bella the cow, Big Matilda the chicken and, being a big fan of faux deer heads and their versatility in terms of décor styles, all the animal heads – Deer, Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant and Rhino. 

ceramic Pmme-Pidou animal heads for sale through Tassels & Tigers Interiors online store are perfect for a nursery, or kids and baby room

Three tips for using animal designs in your home like a pro

Pomme-Pidou Moneybank King Duck for kid's room buy it from Tassels & Tigers Interiors Store online

It’s a no-brainer

that the money banks will make fantastic baby shower, birthday any christening gifts, as well as beautiful feature piece in a kids’ room. 



If you’re rather keen on them yourself however, there are plenty of opportunities to use the animal heads in your own grown-up lounge or dining room.  

And because this blog is about showing you how to curate and decorate using the things that inspire you in an uber stylish way, I’ve compiled three simple tips on using animal designs in your home.

#1 Consider Camouflage

As with all room designs, looking at your colour scheme is key when creating a harmonious setting.  If your animal inspired décor piece is particularly colourful, as well as rather sizeable, it’s always a good idea to give it a neutral or toned down backdrop.  Once you’ve removed jarring colours from the space, look for new or existing feature pieces that tie in with the colours on your animal design and arrange them around the room to create balance.


#2 Give Them Space to Graze

These pieces can make quite a statement and unless you want to unleash full-on wild, it’s best to allow them the space to graze.   Try not to clutter the negative space surrounding these animal heads with many intricate designs in jarring colours.  If a single wall dedicated to one décor piece is a little too much negative space for you, some simple black-and-white framed artworks or photos can fill the space without detracting from the colourful animal design.

Buy a ceramic Pomme-Pidou chicken money box in SA

#3 Love & Cherish Them

Let’s be honest, nobody buys a piece like this without expecting at least a little commentary from visitors.  So make sure you have something to say about the piece when asked where it came from and why you love it.  Seeing as though it already has a name, making it a part of the family and filling in the blanks with a some personality traits shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Having done all of that, I would not be able to resist incorporating the piece into a child’s bedroom design and using it as material for bedtime stories.  So that's exactly what I did!  Here's my design for a kid's room using the duck moneybox as colour and shape inspiration.

This kids' room in red, yellow, turquoise and blue is inspired by the shape and colour of this quirky little Pomme-Pidou money box duck.

This kids' room in red, yellow, turquoise and blue is inspired by the shape and colour of this quirky little Pomme-Pidou money box duck.

The Restorey team felt the same way and their character sketches are simply too good not to share below.

Get in touch with me if you want to get your paws on a Pomme-Pidou animal head or money box, or would like to book a kids room décor consultation.

Creative Bedtime Story Character Sketches

(courtesy of Restorey)

Jim the elephant is your typical guy next door.  He likes to keep his fences mended and his hedges trimmed.  He has found the water restrictions especially hard as he is particularly fond of mud baths.

Maddy the giraffe is gracious and reserved. Some people have called her shy, but we have found that she is merely reserving judgment.  Maddy is wise beyond her years.

Lola the rhino is young and energetic and has a zest for life few nowadays have.  She loves a good trail run and is especially good at hide-and-seek.  You would never know that she has struggled a day in her life, such is her joy in the face of hardship. 

Nelson the deer is a pompous oak, but we like him nonetheless.  While snobby in the extreme, Nelson is also the most generous animal with his time.  He is a little long-winded, but, if you have the time to chat, he will make the stories worth your while!

Ziggy the zebra is headstrong and fiercely independent.  She will often run with an idea without thinking it through all the way, but she would never knowingly trample on anyone’s toes.  Ziggy is a dreamer.  And we always need more dreamers in the world. 

This was a sponsored post.  If you’re interested in getting your paws on a Pomme-Pidou animal you can comment below; have a look at the Tassels & Tigers online store or get in touch with Restorey. If you’d like to have your décor or design product featured on this site, please get in touch here.
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