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Magical Spaces: 5 Ingredients To Your Own

Magical Spaces: 5 Ingredients To Your Own

This January we've had a look at a couple of magical spaces - a bathroom (it's always been one of my favourite places to spruce up), a pool lounge for those lazy summer afternoons, and a particularly stylish nursery.  

But what is it that makes a space a magical one? Is it the type of room and activities being practiced there; the way it's decorated; the people who live and share their energy in it; or a delicate balance of the three?
Magical Spaces and the five things you need to create them, by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

Sounds airy-fairy. What is it?

A magical space, as per the Tassels & Tigers definition, is something more than beautiful and purpose-made. It's a room that makes your heart skip a beat with longing and inspiration.

Although it's almost certainly a combination of the three elements, magic, as with so many things in life (beauty, kitsch, justice), is in the eye of the beholder.  A parent's magical baby room could be a teenager's nightmare.  One person may want a cozy, low light, cocoon-like space while another wants something bright, open and one with nature.

So, although we couldn't give you the exact spell to conjure up your own magical space,  we can look at some enchanting rooms and pick up a couple of clues.

5 Ingredients to your own magical space

1. A Good Measure of Personality

Your own, that is. Add something personal such as a photo, something in your own handwriting, a memory or a trinket you bought because it spoke to who you are.

2. Five Cups, Minus Four, of Muchness

Don't hold back when you're planning. Then tone it down.  Just a bit.

3. A Dash of Something Old

And sometimes that something old can be something green.

4. A Bucket of Inspiration

Include hobbies or references to things that are really important to you. That make you want to do something extraordinary. 

5. A Sprinkle of Mystery

Not every space can be a magical one (that would be exhausting), and you won't find magic in a room that's been over-designed. It cannot be faked and unless it contains real life human experiences and dreams, it will just be a beautiful or practical space.

We'd love to see what your kind of magical space looks like. Let us know in the comments below, or fill out our free, and obligation free online consultation (and upload your images) so we can see how you can work towards it.


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