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Making The Best of Your Less Than Ideal Windows

Making The Best of Your Less Than Ideal Windows

Guest Post

Do you have a room that’s dark and dreary? Or is it way too bright when the sun pours in through the windows in the afternoon? Does it look small and claustrophobic? Or do you keep the curtains closed most of the time purely because the view is ugly as sin? Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved with some simple decorating tricks.  Read on, and we’ll tell you how.

Problem: The room is too dark

Having a room that’s too dark can get really depressing, especially in winter. This is quite often an architectural problem that has no easy fix, for instance if the window is installed away from the direction of the sun, or if there are physical barriers like walls or balconies blocking the sun. In this case you can still make a significant improvement by working with what you’ve got.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs


● Paint the walls a light colour. This will help reflect the available light in the room.

● Use light materials for curtains and window decorations.

● Install polished hardwood floors. This will also help reflect light, whereas carpets won’t.

● Install mirrors on the walls to reflect light, and create an illusion of more space.

Problem: The room is too bright

The opposite problem of a too dark room is not quite as bad, but it can still be quite frustrating in summer.  Too much light coming into a room can make you keep the curtains or blinds drawn during the day to keep the heat down.  It can also mean that you get woken up far too early by the early-morning sun.  To solve this, you would do the opposite to the above. But let’s look at it in a bit more detail.


● Choose a warmer wall colour such as greige, taupe or dusty pink where appropriate. This will absorb more of the sunlight and town the brightness down.

● Consider installing full-floor carpets or non-reflective flooring to avoid reflected light.

● Install a solar film on the windows to reduce the intensity of sunlight.

● Use heavier, denser materials for curtains and blinds.  Remember to consult with your decorator on the type of materials you can use that will effectively keep the sun out and withstand the harsh South African UV rays.

Problem: The windows look small and depressing

You can make your small windows look bigger and more attractive with the correct décor approach.  Here are some tips.


Install curtain rails that extend much wider than the window, and also quite a bit higher. This will make the windows look wider and taller.

● Choose floor-length curtains to make the windows look taller.

● Paint the walls around the windows a darker colour than the windows to make the negative space appear smaller. You can also paint the window frames a lighter colour to extend the light contrast.

● Use patterned curtains to draw attention away from the windows.  Be sure to retain the illusion of larger windows created with the extended curtain rails by not drawing your curtains beyond the window, exposing the wall.

Problem: I don’t like my view

You may not necessarily be able to change your view much, but you can do plenty to enhance your perception of it.  Here are a few tips for improving the aesthetic.


● Install frosted windows or a frosted film so you don’t need to see the ugliness that lurks outside.

● Put plants on your windowsill to give you some beautiful greenery to look at.  Better yet, if you’re able to do so, plant attractive plants outside your window.  Bear in mind that planting them directly under the window will not make a difference to the view from the inside.

● Get some stylish window decals to direct the attention away from the unsightly view.

● Use patterned window shades in front of your windows to make them look a bit more interesting.

About the Author

This guest article is a contribution made by Apex Window Werks. Visit their website to learn more about services they provide; foggy window repair, glass repair and replacement, patio door repair and much more.

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