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The Man Cave - A Starter's Guide

The Man Cave - A Starter's Guide

The man cave - what you need to get started

The Man Cave. It’s a place where a man (a man who shares a house with a woman and her pretty florally pinks and tidy boxes that is) can practise his mindless activity of choice until he feels able to face the world again. It needs to be personal and it needs to be simple.

But just because men tend to be simpler creatures, does not mean they are all the same.  The man cave comes in various forms – for some it’s just a hole to climb into to watch sports and have beers. Other gentleman may have more sophisticated needs with a temperature controlled wine collection and a poker table. Still others want a place to make music, build model aeroplanes or play games.

Whether your, or your man’s idea of gaming involves having a remote, pool stick or deck of cards in the hand, there are a few items that are kind of essential if any form of civilised enjoyment is to be had.

Here’s a mood board of one such a customisable shell.  Have a look, get some ideas and fill it out with your own quirks, gadgets and comfort needs. 

Let me know if you like it, if you want it and if I’ve left out any essentials.

Happy Father’s Day

Man Cave Mood Board with chesterfield, TV, rug, chandelier, black, white, red, brick wall

1.       Mounted Flat Screen TV, because even card players and cigar smokers need the music channel

2.       Your Standard Chesterfield Leather Couch, because the floor just isn’t comfortable.  It really goes with everything, is stain resistant and will be stylish for years to come.

3.       Black and White Striped Rug, because it makes the room feel less like a prison cell.  Most guys like quite a bit of black in their décor (it’s not called a cave for no reason). This gives you the modern, simplistic edge of a black rug, while bringing in some variation in pattern. 

4.       Red Tempered Glass Coffee Table, because you need a place to put your beer and feet.  It adds a really nice and strong colour.  The lines are modern and it has no sharp edges to hit your head against when you fall after copious amounts of beer.

5.       Miniature Men Chandelier, because it’s cool, and admit it, you like it.

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