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Modern Nursery Decor Idea Inspired by Joburg Watercolour Artist

Modern Nursery Decor Idea Inspired by Joburg Watercolour Artist

An Interview and a                                      Decor-In-A-Box Design Board

Animal and Ethnic Watercolour inspired baby room design by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

For the month of May, we are doing Introspective Spaces – a big one for me being nature.  Oddly, winter is always the time when I really feel like getting my fingers muddy and calming down to enjoy the garden.

Art on the Farm Yard

After having chatted to this month’s featured emerging artist, Emma-Lee Rawlings, I realised my love of gardens and farm animals must be the reason I have always been so attracted to her work. 

Emma-Lee’s art in a nutshell: Think Beatrix Potter art, with a healthy dose of impressionism (my favourite style), in brighter colours.  Mix together with some sugar and spice, and you have Emma-Lee Rawlings’ very own, very charming style of watercolours.

#1 Where did you learn to paint?

I started out painting whatever I wanted, like any child, but because my mother is an artist, I was able to do it much more often.  I then learnt the basics in high school, where art was one of my main subjects, but found it hard to discover my style and see a career for myself in the arts, when one is graded and rated in school.

I only really started experimenting with watercolour when I was 22.  The paint did whatever it wanted to, but I had discovered my medium.

Watercolour forest scene in reds and greens autumn artwork by Emma-Lee Rawlings

#2 How long does one piece take?

Depending on what I’m painting, and why, my pieces usually take one day.  They’re quite detailed, but small enough not to take too much time.  Larger pieces will take around three days, but I try to set aside uninterrupted time and finish a piece.

#3 What’s your inspiration?

Beatrix Potter was definitely one of my inspirations when I started with the animal pieces.  I find her work sentimental, and I liked how she painted the animals around her in a way that became her own, and no one else’s.

I grew up with lots of animals around – from our lovely home pets, to the ducks, horses and cows in the yard.  I loved animals and therefore I painted them, and it’s encouraging to see the way people react to the animals I paint.

Emma-Lee Rawlings watercolour painting of a rabbit like Beatrix Potter is perfect for a baby room and nursery decor design
Sweet dog with blue ribbon in watercolour by Emma-Lee Rawlings
Jemima Paddleduck watercolour painting by Joburg artist Emma-Lee Rawlings

I’ve also started painting leather shoes, inspired by Navy Heart, which is the leather goods business my mom and run.  

 (Yes folks, they make the leather shoes, bags and belts themselves. Strong, talented ladies!)

#4 What’s your style?

My cousin described my work as impressionistic with a sense of nostalgia, which was extremely flattering.

I have no idea why, but I feel that I have to stay away from using too much black in my work.
Red firetruck watercolour painting by Emma-Lee Rawlings

#5 Wat type of home do you see your art in?

It depends greatly on the subject and the buyer’s personality.  The obvious choice is probably a French or Country style home, but I like to think that one of my pieces could create a warm contrast in a modern home.

Home Décor Ideas with Animal Art

I wholeheartedly agree with Emma-Lee when she says that one of her watercolours could have a place in a modern home, so I decided to do a little Décor-In-A-Box design board.

I think it would do particularly well in a nursery, especially considering she’s looking at doing children’s book illustrations next… and because I’m going to have to decorate my own baby room very soon. (A whole lot more on that a little later in the year, so keep watching this space!)

This is a modern, unisex nursery, in a split complimentary colour scheme of that plays with dark green-blue, light pink-red, yellow and orange.  The items are all from Mr Price Home's online store

Modern Animal and American Indian Inspired Nursery or Baby Room Decor by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

Modern Animal and American Indian Inspired Nursery or Baby Room Decor by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

Recently, Emma-Lee also started making cards, which feature her animal and leather shoe artworks printed on recycled paper.  So if you’d like to gift an Emma-Lee Rawlings, but aren’t quite ready to commit to an artwork, this may be the perfect solution.  Contact her on eemaleerawlingsart@gmail.com for watercolours, commissions and cards, and navyheartleather@gmail.com for local and hand crafted leather goods.

Leather show watercolour paintings and cards by Emma-Lee Rawlings. Local South African Emerging Artist featured on Tassels & Tigers Interiors blog.

I always find artist interviews fascinating and this one was no exception! In fact, I have to admit being just the slightest bit envious of her beautiful talent!  Of course, the Turbine Art Fair is coming up, so we may be doing some more featured artists soon.  Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in seeing on the blog.

If you’d like to see art on your wall, but aren’t quite sure how to pair it with your décor, get in touch now for a consultation on creating a room for art!

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