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My 30 Before 30:                                                                                                                                              A list of decor overachievers

My 30 Before 30: A list of decor overachievers

The 30 favourite decor items on my interior design list before my birthday. Tassels and Tigers

Décor Overachievers

Mid July marks both my birthday and the birthday of my décor company, Tassels & Tigers.  As a celebration I have put together a list of the 30 décor items I find most inspiring – My 30 before 30.

Some I have loved since I can remember, and others more recently appeared on my radar of interior design elements with massive potential.

If you’re a regular reader or a client, many of these gems may look suspiciously familiar.  Rest assured, they are not suspicious, I obviously just love them a lot. So feel honoured that I shared them with you.

My 30 Before 30

1.  Tassels

2. Anything with a tiger motif

3.  Brass Knocker

4. Maneki Neko, the fortune cat

6.  Black Chandelier

8.  Deep Blue Wall 

10. Checker Block Floor 

12.  Classic Red Persian-Look Rug

14.  Fluffy Flokati Rug


See it as a tour through my ideal home, starting with the front door and ending with your shoes kicked off and a glass of Port in the bath. Enjoy!

5.  Hat- and Coat Stand

7.  Palm Leaf Fan 

9.  Japanese Wallpaper 

11.  Classic Parquet Wood Floor 

13. Colourful Paint-Blotch Rug 

15. Dining room table and its varied uses

16.  Chaise Lounge Large 

18.  Velvet in any form 

20. Huge framed impressionist painting 

22. Blue China Jar

24. Animal Scatters 

26. Soft Blankets and Throws 

28. Bar Cart (stocked)

30. Victorian Bath

17. Houndstooth

19. Gold. Just gold. Anything. 

21. Kitschy Tretchikoff Prints

23. African Relics

25. Baskets.  Any baskets.

27. Globe… yes THAT big

29. Bows


Tassels & Tigers

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