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Nipples. Perky pink (or brown) ones for breast cancer survivors

Nipples. Perky pink (or brown) ones for breast cancer survivors

Please note this article includes images of nudity which may upset sensitive readers. All images are the property of Perky Pinks.


Let’s talk about the perky, pink wonders that hold unknown power and intrigue.  Both women and men are born with them but let’s face it, male nipples are, some may say, kind of useless*. They’re not often used in foreplay, add little value to their sex appeal and are completely and utterly, infuriatingly useless in child rearing. 

So just to be clear, we’re talking about female nipples here. 

They’re a little like snowflakes in that no two are alike (even on the same woman, frustratingly) and no two women have the same feelings when looking at their own nipples.  Hopefully, by the time you reach your thirties you have been blessed with either an adoring partner or nursing child to help you look on your own nipples tenderly, realising for yourself the importance of these tiny bits of flesh.

Nobody realises their importance more acutely than the *woman who has lost one or both her nipples with a mastectomy.  And perhaps, to an extent, Cara du Plessis who hand makes realistic adhesive prosthetic silicone nipples. 

“It’s something small,” says Cara, “but it can have an actual impact on someone’s life.  The idea that this product could be that last bit of confidence a woman needs to say ‘Now I am done with breast cancer,’ means so much to me.”

A Fine Arts graduate specialising in mould making, Cara wanted to produce art that would have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.  After some research and further training in silicone prosthesis, she realised there was a gap in the South African market for realistic handmade nipple prostheses. 

Women who are able to afford breast reconstruction will often have it done during the mastectomy, but getting reconstructed nipples and tattoos means additional costs and further painful surgeries for them.  Pain free and affordable nipples, however, was something Cara could make with confidence and it’s a place where the unique hand-made quality of each piece is a definite advantage. 

The long and the short of them

A pair of Perky Pinks will set a breast cancer survivor back a mere R1,999 and could last for years if taken care of properly.  They come in three different sizes and five different shades. The adhesive is waterproof, meaning you can keep them on for 3 – 5 days and swim and shower with your gorgeous new nipples without the fuss of reapplying them daily.  The set comes with 10 ml of FDA approved adhesive, suitable for sensitive skin; as well as a handy handbag-ready 5ml adhesive; application brush; 50 ml spray-on remover solution; alcoholic cleansing wipes and a booklet. 

One of the best things about these prosthetic nipples, apart from their name, because who doesn’t want perky breasts, is that you can buy them discreetly from the online store where you can top up your adhesive and remover solution.

As the word about these perky pink adhesive nipples spreads and the store expands, Cara plans on offering customised nipples for women who had single mastectomies and would prefer to have the new prosthesis match the real deal. “For me it’s all about helping women who had breast cancer feel confident, comfortable and feminine.” 

For more information, or to purchase a pair, visit the Perky Pinks at www.perkypinks.co.za

* The intent of the post is not to detract from the importance of male nipples or the awareness of male breast cancer, which can be equally traumatising, but to discuss the female oriented initiative and the value it can add to the lives of women affected by breast cancer. 

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