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             Sheer Curtains: Here's How                           You Can Change It Up

Sheer Curtains: Here's How You Can Change It Up

Guest Post

Voils are now called sheers and they ain't what they used to be

Sheer curtains are back on-trend, but we're not talking about frumpy-looking lace and polyester here. The beautiful, natural fibres and blends of modern sheers aren’t the least bit reminicent of granny's home. Instead, they offer all the privacy you need while letting in glorious amounts of natural, filtered light to brighten up your living spaces.

New ways to use sheer curtains and window treatments featured by Tassels & Tigers Interiors Decor blog and interior decorator in Johannesburg South Africa

Modern sheer curtains have come a long way from those you probably remember from childhood, catering to every style, budget and colour and privacy preference you could have.

The rules have changed

Keeping the neighbours out of your living spaces has always been the main purpose of sheers and although it is still priority, nobody said practical measures had to be bland and boring.  With the clever use of sheer curtains, you can achieve just about any look you desire.

Order doesn't matter

sheer curtains enveloped by light teal window treatments and patterned blinds.

Sheers used to be the last line of defense between prying eyes and your private space, but décor rules of the day focus on finding the solution that feels right, and not so much on what the rule book says.  This liberating approach has seen many home stylists reversing the order of their window treatments with beautiful soft and natural looking sheers on the inside, and thicker woven curtains or even block-out at the back.

Not only does it create a more minimalist look, but it also offers more freedom in terms of light control.

A pop of colour

For those who love the free-floating clouds of brilliant white sheer curtains, the combination of sheers and blinds are spot-on. Combine plain white sheers with bright coloured roman blinds for a modern, yet softer, colour blocking feel.  Be sure to use neutral backings for your blinds to make sure your colour-fun doesn’t mess with your homes clean and tidy appearance from the outside. 

Bold patterns

sheer curtains with different bold patterns create a beautiful feature

Capitalize on the bold use of patterns at the moment by duplicating patterns used in the room on your sheers.  It’s a clever design idea to achieve a bold yet tasteful look.

Another fun idea is alternating solid and patterned sheers on big windows.  The concept is big in the design world creates a lovely toned-down feel that still oozes excitement.  Add a scatter cushion in a matching pattern and you've booked your front page spot.

Ombre elegance

While colour blocking is making its bold statement on the one side of the trend list, ombre takes a gentler approach to colour contrasting in living spaces. The trend is equally popular and beautiful, but the effect is much softer than colour blocking.

Bring ombre into your home with sheer curtains by hanging three shades of intensifying colours next to each other.

Sheer curtains are nothing like they used to be - gone are the days of frumpy lace and polyester window treatments.  The characteristic that most distinguishes the modern-day sheer curtain from that of days gone by is also it’s greatest.  They’re made from natural cotton and linen, as well as beautiful natural looking blends for added UV durability, flow and affordability.  Whether you decide to go neutral or calm, or bold and bright, a good decorator can help you find the sheers that best suit your style needs.

About the contributor

This guest post is a contribution made by Apex Window Werks, a home window repair & replacement firm. AWW offers the following services; wooden window repair, window defogging and broken glass replacement. Feel free to visit their website for more details.


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