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Silver Woods Home Tour: Books, Nature and Family Love.  It's all the colour you need

Silver Woods Home Tour: Books, Nature and Family Love. It's all the colour you need

I visited this beautifully modern, warm family home in the east of Pretoria quite some time ago and finally got around to posting about it.  I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did and even get a couple of design ideas on using colour tastefully.

A double storey industrial entrance hall with understated, striking features in red, black and white.

The owners were already hard at work, picking out their own, all new furniture and decor while starting the building process of their dream home back in 2014.  By the time it was completed, the family of four had successfully designed an interior that’s both fun and completely sensible.

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen

“We bought the items while the house was being built and decided from the start that if it wasn’t something we were both crazy about, we simply wouldn’t get it.”

As a result, the Silver Woods Country Estate home’s design and décor is, not unlike a good marriage, 100% both of them.  It’s a multi-faceted revelation of various diverse aspects of the family’s personality.

One example of this dedication to harmony is the indoor-outdoor sitting room that perfectly combines hubby's love for the outdoors and his wife's need for a spacious entertainment area.  It boasts a built-in braai and opens up onto the pool area with glass stacking doors.  At the same time, it’s wholly integrated with the kitchen, which in turn forms the true heart of the home and meeting point for all the living areas.

A driftwood chandelier, ratan lounge set and palette coffee tables in an indoor-outdoor entertainment area.
“In the summer we open up all the doors in the sitting room and have the ideal entertainment area.”

One of my favourite spaces, however, is the large upstairs patio with the black and white checker blocks that reminds one of a scene from Alice In Wonderland.  This space opens up from the children’s pyjama lounge and was specifically created so their son and daughter could have a place to entertain their friends.

A pajama lounge for the children done tastefully in colour and playful patterns. Silver Woods Estate home featured by Tassels & Tigers Interiors Decor and Design Blog.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home – Gary Snyder

“Because we love the outdoors and our country we wanted to bring in nature elements, but were very careful not to create a Big Five game lodge look with heavy, dark wood furniture.”

To this end the driftwood dining room table and red brick feature wall, paired with white aemes chairs, a metal display case and wire chandelier, works well in creating a warm, earthy feel, while keeping the space light and modern.

The dining room is seperated from the entrance hall by means of a partition wall while being well integrated with the rest of the open plan living space through a walkway.  Warm brick features and wood contrast beautifully with a wire and crystal chandelier and plastic eames chairs.

Other modern nature elements include a bright yellow African print couch, a Nguni skin and quirky cast iron buck head coat hooks (yes, that is a mouthful).

Most of the light fixtures also follow this modern African theme, such as the delicate wire pendant in the dining room, two driftwood light features and two beaded chandeliers in the entrance hall.

These beaded white chandeliers are set against a saturated green wallpaper forest on the upper storey wall.  This was a clever design solution to the problem of a large open wall in the double storey entrance hall.

4 Entrancy Hall from top with forest wall paper and red bookshelf view.JPG
5 Pajama Lounge with fireplace and forest wallpaper.JPG
“That wall looked very empty and any sort of artwork you put on it would have to be really large to make an impact and be visible from the bottom floor.”

When you do go upstairs you’ll see the greenery repeated on the opposite wall in a playful family portrait taken on a lush farm's dam wall.

All colours are equal, but red is more equal than others

An important element she wanted in her dream home was a large red feature bookshelf.

Evergreen forest wallpaper fulfils the role of an artwork on a large empty wall in the double story entrance hall. Silver Woods Country Estate house featured by Tassels & Tigers Interiors Design & Lifestyle Blog
“I really like the colour red and I can’t imagine my life without books. Our friends are also readers, so it’s always fun to see what other people are reading.  It becomes a great discussion point.”

A red bench and artwork tie in with the floor to ceiling bookshelf and naturally leads your eye through to the living area without taking anything away from the feature.  The colour trail is repeated in every room and comes to rest on the floating shelf with red Le Creuset pots against the earthy glass kitchen splashback.

“The pots are of my favourite things.  We wanted them in a place where we could easily get to them and where they had the special spot they demand.”

I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now – Louise May Alcott, Little Women

Another repeated element is the coffee tables - same-same but different.  They were all specially selected to be different - from a large wooden barrel and quirky red post boxes to the custom-made palette coffee tables with the family’s name and significant details painted on them.

“There has to be personality in your things – family photos or something you collected from your travels.  Most of the items we saw; liked; and bought. The big thing is not to try and make everything match – that can be too overwhelming.”

Far from having everything match, this colourful and modern home is testimony to the harmony that can be created when using family love as your umpire.

Front view of beautiful family home in Pretoria, Silver Woods Country Estate, featured by Tassels & Tigers Interiors Design & Lifestyle Blog

If you saw anything you liked, get in touch to procure something similar or have items custom-made for your family home.

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