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Spring is a Time for                               Nature Decor Inspiration

Spring is a Time for Nature Decor Inspiration

Spring is a time for gardens, picnics and leisurely walks in nature. It’s also the time we shake out our feathers and start looking to all the activities we value and enjoy most as inspiration for our summer homes.  

In that spirit the Tassels & Tigers team recently enjoyed an al fresco bite at Voodoo Lily Café, followed by a visit to one of our favourite Joburg art galleries, In ToTo, to view Gawie Joubert’s nature inspired exhibition, Biophilia.

Below is an installation he did especially for the exhibition, which ran from 28 July till 29 August 2016.

Why we’d hang it on our wall

Biophilia is a term used by American psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm, to describe humans’ tendency to “seek connections with nature and other forms of life”.  Aptly, Joubert’s work is an exploration of his own identity in relation to his biggest inspiration, nature, and memories of a childhood spent in a forest on the Kwa-Zulu Natal north coast.   

We at Tassels & Tigers Interiors love this concept and subsequently love his ink and charcoal drawings depicting various aspects of his own identity.  Bark, twigs, feathers and other organic elements intertwine to create beautifully formed human figures both part of and separate from its surroundings. 

We also wouldn't mind the opportunity to colour in one or two of these inviting artworks.

The works are intricate and beautiful to look at, but much deeper than that, speak of entanglement, sometimes frustration and other times hope and freedom.  This means they’re an ideal blend of aesthetics and ponder pieces for living spaces. 

That’s our take on it anyway,                              but here’s what the expert says:

“The ethereal figures represent his identity, and the vines climbing over these figures suggest the fluid manner in which one’s identity is formed. The use of items like feathers, mushrooms and plastic are inspired by flash memories from Joubert’s childhood that gave him the opportunity to escape from his inner conflicts around his own gender constructs and sexuality.  He believes that his adult identity has been formed by these memories from his childhood that and they will always be embedded within him”.  
Megan Scott, In ToTo curator.

If you’d like to know more about Gawie Joubert and his works, you can contact In ToTo Gallery on 011 447 6543 or

If you’d like to get your hands on art like this, or need assistance incorporating it into your home, you know where to find us!


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