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Nursery ideas for Jordan, Taylor, Sam and Jo

Nurseries have traditionally been clad in copious amounts of pink and blue and despite Pantone’s current love affair with these two colours, there’s no reason why parents, especially those of baby girls, should pink-pimp their nurseries if they can’t stand the colour. 

I recently had a couple of requests for nursery décor ideas from moms expecting baby girls.  They all wanted something explicitly non-pink but sill feminine and stimulating for the baby.  Not a problem!

Get the look: It's Polo Season

"Fresh morning breezes and well-groomed turf set the ideal conditions for those keen to take up a new hobby or dress up and step out for the occasion." Guest writer Belinda Fourie looks at polo - what to expect, wear and how to get the look with elegant decor pieces inspired by the season.