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Here's how to find the rhythm of your beautifully chaotic life and turn it into design inspiration

You may still be finding your funk and your life may seem just a little out of tune to you, but it’s that melange of events and emotions that often creates the most beautiful works of art. I decided to play around with the things that make up an average week in my life and create a fun, informal design based on that… and if you ask nicely, I’ll help you do the same.

Nursery ideas for Jordan, Taylor, Sam and Jo

Nurseries have traditionally been clad in copious amounts of pink and blue and despite Pantone’s current love affair with these two colours, there’s no reason why parents, especially those of baby girls, should pink-pimp their nurseries if they can’t stand the colour. 

I recently had a couple of requests for nursery décor ideas from moms expecting baby girls.  They all wanted something explicitly non-pink but sill feminine and stimulating for the baby.  Not a problem!