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Taking the Drama out of                                   Velvet Decor

Taking the Drama out of Velvet Decor

Personally, I love myself some drama decor

And what better way to add drama than to get a jewel tone velvet sofa with copper trim, or heavy velvet curtains and drapery with tassels to top it!? Paradoxically simple.

But what if your fingers are itching for that soft velvet decor, and you prefer a more restrained, minimalist style? Not so simple anymore.

Create a timeless, understated interior with velvet

U&G Fabrics recently introduced their two exceptionally affordable velvet companions – the paisley embossed Colour Theory in 13 jewel tones and Legacy, a semi-matt finish plain velvet in a range of colours.  Both fabrics are suited to upholstery and while Colour Theory can speak volumes of drama, Legacy is particularly well suited for use in a home that craves a little more peace and a lot less fan-faire.

Here’s how to use velvet as part of your interior design without getting the dramatic effect it’s normally associated with

No-Drama Velvet Tips

Sofas & Ottomans

  • If you don't want drama, don't add chrome or gold trim and deep buttons...
  • Unless you're using a fresh colour in a neutral room like the chartreuse footstool above.
  • Avoid high gloss, glass and gold coffee tables and opt for a neutral, minimalist or Scandinavian environment in stead.
  • Play around with furniture styles that aren't normally associated with velvet.


  • The eyelet style curtain is a more modern, less formal style, so works really well to dress a velvet curtain down. Don't go for heave headers, drapery and tiebacks.
  • Pair your velvet with natural, rustic elements such as a bamboo blind.


  • Play around with pastels and fun contrast piping to make your velvet scatters sweet.
  • Scatters on their own are completely innocent. Pair them with linen, jute and other natural fibers to bring them down to earth. This olive green velvet scatter cushion from the Tassels & Tigers decor collection was used in a colonial lounge.

Tassels & Tigers

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