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The Home of Paddington Brown

The Home of Paddington Brown

There was more to my open mouthed fascination at Paddington, The Movie, than the cinematography, story and quirky visual additions. 

The decor

The Browns’ house fits neatly into my personal style and although I really should have expected as much for the producers of Harry Potter, I was amazed at the effort that went into decorating the movie set to suit Mrs Brown’s eccentric style in blue, red and yellow. I decided to have a look at the home of Paddington Brown and where we can find similar things at affordable prices in SA.

Before we start with the entrance hall… you can't go anywhere without your hat. Woolies - in the region of R300.

Here's the entrance hall with red and white striped wallpaper.  I found similar items online at  Wallpaper Decor, and Fab Furnish. 


You can't see the paintings against the wall too well here, but they're basically colour field pieces in blue. 

Art really should only be bought from the artist or gallery, unless you just need a quick piece to create a certain look and know you won’t have it in your home forever. These pieces just serve to add a splash of the right colour and you can pretty much do them yourself as a fun project, or buy similar splashes of colour from home stores. Here are similar ones I found at Mr Price Home.

As for the rug the bear is standing on - a real Persian number would be ideal, but you get much cheaper ones with similar patterns from the likes of Mr Price Home and Checkers Hyper. It won’t fool anybody, but then again, that doesn't really matter – what matters is that you like the way it looks in your home. If you particularly dislike that sort of thing though, you may opt for something that still has the right colours, but a different design.

Here's a close-up of the foyer for the items to follow:

I absolutely love this idea for a shoe rack if you’re able to keep your shoes smell-free and have enough space in your entrance area.

Any old bookshelf from a second hand shop, or a new one will do. As long as it’s real wood or a very good imitation.

Fill it with a pair of gummies… or should I say Wellingtons… for each member of the household. Find a selection at PnP Clothing or Garden World.

Now for the foot...

Not surprisingly, I could not find this in a quick look around Jozi. I’m sure that something similar would be available somewhere, but these are the closest things I could find and I feel that they will lend the same sort of effect. Alternatively you can opt for an earthen jar in the same neutral.                        

The woven baskets are very trendy and can be had just about anywhere in SA. Choose varieties of weave, size and colour from Ashanti Contemporary African Designs.

Although the tree in the Browns' entrance hall is obviously painted on and one would assume by Mrs Brown, tree decals are freely available online. I chose these because of cuteness, not because they're the closest to the original. Make your pic: Fab FurnishMy WallTattoosSticky Things, and Vinyl Art SA

The round centre table is a versatile piece of furniture and I very nearly bought much smaller ones in steel a few years back. I had exceeded my daily card limit though and needed to go back to the next day. But by that time I had come to my senses and realised they were way overpriced. I did however go back to the crime scene for the Paddington Bear replica – Coricraft.

Although choosing such a bright little lamp may seem a bit bold, it really pops in this neutral space. I found these cute, less neon ones from Mr Price. They also have others that more closely resemble the original, but it won't have the same effect as the blue. 


If you want to stick with blue, but don't want a lamp, how about a clock from Checkers? Alternatively you can opt for a more pricey piece and do away with the delft vase on the floor.


Speaking of which – I've been looking for these beauts for a long time and have never been able to find an affordable and large enough one. 

Genuine Delft goes for thousands at antique stores and I wouldn't plonk them on the floor at that price. These two - R500 a piece - also from Mr Price Home and large enough to hold umbrellas...

Umbrellas! You can take your pic from anything from a courtly Country Roads gentleman, a floral Woolworths lady,or a cheaper Checkers chap to fill the vase and last through the SA rainy season, which of course is much shorter than that of Britain.

Be sure to stick some of those handy hooks you now get everywhere in all sorts of sizes on the wall and you have yourself a little piece of Paddington Bear.

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