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               Unboxing Video & Interview:                                    My JeanKelly Nappy Bag

Unboxing Video & Interview: My JeanKelly Nappy Bag

I first saw this super stylish leather nappy bag that looks nothing like a nappy bag a little over a year ago when a friend had her baby girl.  Since then I’ve seen another friend sport the JeanKelly leather shopper with her uber stylish outfits and caught sight of the iconic dummy clip in another stylish lady’s Instagram posts. 

Long story short, the bags are hot and so are the mummies who use them. Not only did I have to have my own, but I needed to know who came up with the brand.  So with my own JeanKelly leather nappy bag packed and waiting, I decided to interview the creator and share my unboxing experience with you.

Unboxing Video: My JeanKelly Leather Nappy Bag

Please Note:  Brain already being shared at the time I shot the video. For example, I meant to say heavy duty and shoulder strap when what I ended up saying was hard duty and arm sling (insert image of someone with a sling.)
arm sling.jpg

Interview: The JeanKelly Brand

You get lots of free nappy bags when pregnant and the best part is that they are usually filled with free goodies that make moms-to-be very excited.   I (and just about everyone else I know) got quite a pretty one from DisChem and am expecting to get another one from MediClinic when we go to have our baby. 

As already mentioned, however, I had my heart set on something a little less mommy-looking and that’s obviously what founder, Kelly Jean Stewart, had in mind when she started producing the JeanKelly leather bags 5 years ago.

“I have always had an interest in fashion and noticed the baby bags available weren’t very stylish.  So I decided to make a good looking and practical baby bag that can double up as your work bag.”

Being in a fortunate position as the daughter of the lady who built the global all-leather baby shoes brand, Shooshoos,  Kelly was able to draw help and inspiration from her mom in order to fill this baby bag shaped gap in the stylish leather goods market.

There are of course other classy and sometimes leather options out there (much more pricey ones I might add), but most of them err on the side of shopper or handbag, as they lack durability, and the compartments that help keep a mom organised.

“The JeanKelly bags are different from other leather bags in that they are much more practical.  Apart from the fully waterproof lining that lets you wipe up any spills, it opens up wide, so it’s easy to see inside and get things out.”  So no sticking your whole head into the bag to start digging around for your keys. 

Apart from being perfect size, design and fashion accessory for working moms or work from home moms who want to sneak a laptop into the bag along with nappies and nipple cream without shouting: “I’m a MOM!”, it’s also a feel-good local purchase.  The JeanKelly leather bags are produced in our lovely Cape Town by local factories and community members.  Get yours directly from the JeanKelly online store or other only retailers.

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Turn your study... or baby room... into a guest room without breaking a sweat!

Turn your study... or baby room... into a guest room without breaking a sweat!

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