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Shopping Morning Video: Greenery

Shopping Morning Video: Greenery

Outdoor Fabrics That Don't Suck

Shopping Morning




Hi everyone!

This is Belinda, from Tassels & Tigers Interiors and I’ve decided to take you on a virtual shopping morning with me for the last of February’s Greenery themed posts. 

I wanted to show you how easy and affordable it could be to integrate current trends into your home décor, by just getting two or three new items.   It also gives you a good idea of what we’ll be doing if you decide to go on an actual shopping morning with me. It’s the bomb digity, by the way.

Ok, the first scatter I really just bought to show you what I was talking about in my article earlier this month on Outdoor Fabrics That Don’t Suck.  From close-up you should be able to see the definite grain to the fabric, and it also says “Outdoor Scatter Collection” on the label, from Loads of Living.  You could probably also pair this one with a couple of the following scatters I’m going to show you, but that’s all I wanted to use it for now.

The next one is my favourite.  It’s also from Loads of Living, an indoor scatter this time, and I like it because of all the colours you can pair it with.  You’ve got the obvious different shades of green, but then you also have a beautiful light blue and red-pinky colour, which could go either way.

You can pair it with the yellow-green velvet type of scatter, also from Loads of Living. Both of these have feather inners, by the way.

And this rectangular light blue scatter cushion from Mr Price Home goes well with both of them.

This is a good example of how you can mix size and texture, even from different stores, to create a beautiful look.

Another scatter that goes well with the light blue and yellow-greeny ones, is this kelim woven cushion fom Mr Price Home.  I love the rustic feel it has and it also seems to be a good quality one.

OK, so there’s no green in this mix, but it just shows you how you can completely change the colour scheme by swapping out just one scatter.  And if you want to add some green, Mr Price Home has other affordable options for you.  Such as this tropical leaf print with blue, pink and yellow bits in it.

Or this little topiary tree. I’m not normally a fan of artificial flowers, but while they’re fashionable, we may as well take advantage of it.  And I think it’s quite cute actually, so I may just keep it.

Something that goes really well with the little topiary tree, or lollipop as some people call it, is this feather inner scatter from Biggie Best, Goose, which is also really affordable at under R300.  It’s got lots of different greens at the bottom.

Once again, you can pair it with the blue and yellow-green scatters and create an English-country feel.  And if you want some more green, throw in this bottle green scatter from Mr Price home for good measure.

And that’s how you can completely change a look by just swapping out one item, and still keep it green!  These ensembles will cost you anything between R1300 and R1700, which is really not a lot to get a completely different look in one room.

If you liked the way I put together these simple items, but would prefer having something tailor made and unique, my Décor-In-A-Box service is definitely something you want to be looking at.

If you liked this video, let us know below and sign up for our newsletter to see more of our décor tips. 

Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend!


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