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Unboxing: The Box Fashion (Video)

Unboxing: The Box Fashion (Video)

Spoiler alert!  I actually open the box and show you what's inside.  It will still be pretty when you get your own though, so go ahead and spoil yourself!
Unboxing video and review: The Box Fashion. Tassels & Tigers Interiors, Decor & Lifestyle Blog, Johannesburg - South Africa

I recently received a box of what I suspect will be the next fashion retail craze in SA - The Box Fashion.  Watch my unboxing video of this invite-only service and enjoy the experience with me - smells and all!

The Box Fashion Unboxing Video

The Box Fashion Detail Summary

For a monthly fee of around R350 (don't hold me to that) you will receive a seasonal box of fashion accessories every 3 months.  These items are selected specially for you, based on your fashion and colour preferences.  

It's worth around R1500, is made up of things that should fall into your colour and style preferences, includes 5 - 7 designer items and includes a 7-day hassle-free return.

The idea is that you get a fresh set of fashion accessories every season to keep your look up-to-date and just make you feel pretty all over again!

I love the concept... naturally... as it reminds me a lot of Tassels & Tigers' own service, Decor-In-A-Box.

Tassels & Tigers Interiors Lifestyle Blog unboxes a box from The Box Fashion!

Tassels & Tigers Decor-In-A-Box Reminder

Here you also answer a couple of questions about your style and colour preferences, but you do it online.  We then redesign your chosen room and for R3000 - R10 000 we send you a box of fresh decor accessories to last you for at least the next 3 - 5 years.

Your budget, your choices, your designer room!

Tassels & Tigers Interiors Decor-In-A-Box. Designer decor delivered to your door.

Get in touch here if you're interested in our Decor-In-A-Box service.  Also get in touch via email or in the comments below if there are any products you'd like me to unbox - even if you're the retailer!

Tassels & Tigers. Interior decorator, decor and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa
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