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What are Themed / Curated Interiors, Anyway?

What are Themed / Curated Interiors, Anyway?

We, Tassels & Tigers Themed Interiors, just this month launched our very own online curated decor store.  It's a pretty big deal for us, and we're especially excited about the virtual decor service we're now able to offer you.  But what are themed interiors and curated decors, anyway?

In short, it's a design approach and free online shopping service that creates harmony in your final décor look and empowers you, the consumer, to play an active part in the professional design of your own home.  It's also the philosophy our business is based on.
Themed and Curated Interiors by Tassels & Tigers

But here’s the long description

You don’t need this boutique décor service if you’re happy with the cookie cutter interior decorating approach where one fabric book of matching designs in different colourways are incorporated into curtains and scatters. Where living rooms are arranged in the typical magazine style of two occasional chairs (in one of those matching fabrics) stand side-by-side, facing a neutral couch over a practical coffee table, kitted out with slightly adventurous coffee table books and a tray with more trinkets.  

Typical Interior Decorator Lounge Setting

Those are beautiful, but the fact that they’re generally liked by everyone (there’s nothing wrong with them) means they could probably be copied and pasted into just about any home.

What are Themed Interiors?

Our unique interior design approach starts with a single inspiring idea. It starts with you: a favourite childhood book; a piece of art you bought on your exotic honeymoon that symbolises your love and union; a feature piece of furniture handed down from your great grandmother, or that you picked up from a second-hand store; or a memory of a colour, feeling or smell you once saw as it flitted past, too quick for you to grasp, but striking enough to commit to memory. 

Tarzan & Jane Moodboard, Tassels & Tigers Themed Interiors

Because what is a home if it doesn’t speak to and of those quintessential elements that make you (you)nique?

Once we've established what this single defining element is, we centre the entire room's design on it and its various dimensions.  Lead by sounds design rules and principles, we let our imaginations run free and subtly introduce various elements of your single inspiring idea.  Your inspiration becomes the yardstick by which all the décor decisions are measured.

Tassels & Tigers Themed Interior Sample Board Jane & The Ape Tarzan and Jane Decor

If this sounds like the kind of interior design you’re after, start by completing our free and obligation-free online consultation.

What are Curated Décor Ranges?

This is what you will find in our online décor store.  Rather than single, random décor items, our store houses ranges or collections of curated décor items.

This means that they were meticulously chosen, like art, to complement the theme that binds them together. 

As we come across more pieces that fit into a certain theme, these ranges will be expanded over time.


It’s our way of taking a little bit of the magic that makes a Themed Interior and making it available via a quick online shopping experience.

While chosen to complement each other, there’s no reason why a shopper cannot choose one or two items from a range and incorporate it into an existing setting, however. The collection exists for your convenience to use as a whole, or to draw your own inspiration from.

If you like the idea of having a professional assist you in your shopping, also consider our Shopping Morning service where we establish your room design skeleton and then take to the shops together to fill in the gaps.

'Till then, enjoy our online store and feel free to give us your feedback at the bottom of this blog post or via Facebook or Twitter.

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