A Waterwise, Easy Alternative to Vertical Gardens: Reindeer Moss

Vertical or garden walls have been around for a while, but they've shot up in popularity in South Africa since we've refocussed our attention on living in harmony with nature, saving space and more importantly, saving water.  For this week's February Greenery post, we look at Reindeer Moss, which is able to create a waterwise vertical garden, amongst other things.

Outdoor Fabrics That Don't Suck. Also, what they're good for.

Outdoor fabrics are fabulously useful – especially for the South African lifestyle and climate.  They’re colour fast; sun, chlorine, abrasion and water resistant. But, to be honest, I've always hated them. The geometric designs in orange, bright green and blue are way too loud for my taste, so I’ve taken the effort out of finding the pretty ones for you. You're welcome. 

Industrial Bathroom DIY: To Chalk Paint, Or To Annie Sloan

Well chalk paint is just on everybody's lips and brushes, and like a friend said, some people will chalk paint right over you if you don't move out the way.  Annie Sloane Chalk Paint (yes, that's the way people say it, like the one cannot be without the other), has got home DIYers abnormally excited and to be quite honest, to the point where I'm not sure I like this Annie person, because she just seems so darn perfect.

That's one of the reasons I did not use the Annie Sloane products for my December Bathroom Makeover Project (yes, it deserves to be capitalized). 

What are Themed / Curated Interiors, Anyway?

But what are themed interiors and curated decors, anyway?

In short, it's a design approach and free online shopping service that creates harmony in your final décor look and empowers you, the consumer, to play an active part in the professional design of your own home.  It's also the philosophy our business is based on. 

Linen Curtain Ideas… And Some Linen Look Fabrics

There couldn’t be a more perfect fabric than sheer linen to welcome summer luncheons and cool, breezy evenings into your home.  The understated, sophisticated look offers countless décor ideas and advantages and is often coveted for their breathability and the light, airy feel they create.

We look at different looks you can create with linen and linen look curtains.

Be Fabulous. Be a Fabric Designer

This week on social media we’ve been talking about art and fabrics, specifically the beautiful art and designs that grace the fabrics in our homes.  In this blog post we look at an innovative and surprisingly affordable way you can design your own curtain and upholstery fabrics… because Suzelle says anybody can.