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Adventure Inspired Boy's Playroom

Adventure Inspired Boy's Playroom

This Decor-In-A-Box client is a 4 year old little boy who likes to read, build things and play with cars and planes. He needed a safe space to explore to his heart’s content and let his imagination run wild. We were so honoured to be asked to make it happen!

Handmade boys’ playroom soft furnishings in blues and greens by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

The Design

We had a lot of space to work with, so decided to divide the room into different play areas: An outdoorsy area with a turf rug and teepee where he could have a picnic, climb a mountain or just take a break and read a book. Then there’s a “things that go” area where he can play with aeroplanes or race his cars around a track; and a construction area with a table, chairs and exhibition space where he can build lego or work on other crafts.

Exploration Playroom Decor In A Box_Tassels and Tigers Interiors in Johannesburg

The Box

The Happy Ending

If you need help creating a special little boy or girl’s playroom or bedroom, or have a fantastic idea, but no time to get the decor, get in touch with us to have a box of decor goodies delivered to your door.

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