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Shopping Morning: Sunny African Dining Room

Shopping Morning: Sunny African Dining Room

This shopping morning was an extension of an earlier full decor project we did, the African-Colonial Lounge. Glass doors separate the beautifully redone lounge from a dark, odd shaped dining room which also leads out onto the veranda. 

This space had to connect with the bright Colonial lounge in terms of look and feel, so we already had a good starting point. We also knew we wanted to work with gold or yellow, but there were two very distinct paths we could follow - a heavy, gloomy gentleman's club type of dining room and wine bar; or a bright and sunny extension of the outside area. 

As is often the case, life has a way of making your decisions for you.

The client received a gift of perfect, tailor made white and yellow pinch pleat curtains from Hertex's Clifton range.  As there is a large overhang onto the veranda, and not a lot of sun enters the room at all, getting sheer linen curtains would not be a problem in terms of sun damage. 

All she needed now, was someone to help her shop for accessories and deal with the boring bits - painting and electrics.

So we threw around a couple of ideas

Played around with different light features

We took to the shops

And returned with a good blend of African artefacts and Colonial charm.


The dining room after painting, but before decor


A couple of snapshots sent by the client after her shopping morning


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Tassels & Tigers Themed Interiors Shopping Morning
Design Board: African-Colonial Pool Lounge

Design Board: African-Colonial Pool Lounge

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