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Themed Boxed Nursery: Chanel is for Style… and for Ice Cream

Themed Boxed Nursery: Chanel is for Style… and for Ice Cream

Coco Chanel themed baby room

Judging from the popularity of my previous post on gender neutral or non-pink nurseries for baby girls, there are lots of mommies to be out there who don’t want to go the traditional route when decorating their little princesses’… let’s make that future CEOs, astronauts and sportswomen’s rooms. 

I said strong, not masculine

Raising a girl who’s fit to take on any role doesn’t have to mean she can’t still be feminine and ooze style though. I’ve put together an uber feminine, uber stylish and positively non-baby baby room inspired by one of history’s female icons famous for standing on her own two feet – Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

I call it Ice Cream Coco…

because it’s sweet and ice creamy pink, but also mainly noir and possibly just the kind of room the fashion icon would have put her baby girl in.  Without further ado, here’s the theme based baby room mood board - made up of actual local and custom made items you can buy the shopping list to:

Without going into too much detail, (you can contact me if you’d like more details on the items, as well as pricing) a single wall is painted in a light, nude pink to create a soft backdrop for the black baby room furniture and large chandelier decal – saving you the cost and effort of installing a new light fitting.

Speaking of which, sweet little bunnies are disguised as houndstooth (our first Chanel reference) in the nightlight shade and is echoed in the red and pale pink houndstooth jersey scatter.  Continuing on the jersey trend set by Chanel, a chunky knit soft pink scatter and another grey bunny scatter tie the lot up nicely in a pink velvet ribbon.

The grey and charcoal chair and ottoman (serves as a foot rest, chair and coffee table) are not only practical, but also keep the room elegant and tidy looking.  But if it’s a little too much for you, one of them can also be made up in a dusty pink velvet fabric.

That adorable white Scottie scatter just begs to be invited to play – even if there isn’t any more space for scatters.  Gabrielle was known for frequently changing the stories about her life before Chanel, but one of them claim that she got to be called Coco after a song she used to sing about a little dog.

And while we’re bringing fluffy animals into Chanel’s baby boudoir, there’s a sheepskin rug on the floor that can be used to put baby on, warm up under or lay your own weary head on.

Change the toppings on your ice cream

Finally, because not all fashion lovers are alike, there are a couple of variations on the items on the board to choose from:

If you’d like pricing or more information on any of the items you see in the mood board, find me here, here or here.
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