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Tropical Wallpaper Installation: A Green Room

Tropical Wallpaper Installation: A Green Room

This was a quick, fun wallpaper installation for a Rosebank company's chill room... or Green Room as I refer to it. 

We started off with a plain white partition wall that had already received a rhinoglide treatment to ensure optimal wallpaper application and longevity.  The client selected a green and ochre plant and floral design from Hertex's Ashford Tropics range.  Do have a look at the rest of the range - it has a variety of designs and colours, all reminicent of a relaxing island holiday.

The term Green Room originates from the theatre where actors have a dedicated recreation room they use while they're not on stage to relax, run over their lines, or have a bite to eat.  I also happen to know from my own theatre days that it's the only place in the theatre where you're allowed to smoke, in order to localise fire risks. Which means it becomes more of a blue room, as it's a rather popular habit with theatre folk.
A corporate green room in Rosebank, Johannesburg, with a tropical wallpaper installation by Tassels & Tigers Interiors

The reason why this room in the theatre was called the green room is uncertain, but I imagine te first one was painted green, as green is a great design element to use to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The wallpaper is quite lively, so the green room only needed a few touches to round it off - natural wood furniture and a single monstera leaf (also knowns as a delicious monster - gotta love that name!)  

An asymmetrical arrangement of macrame plant hangers on the opposite side create balance, but don't take up any additional space or obstruct the light from flowing into the room.

Get in touch if you require a wallpaper installation, or a quick colour and theme consultation on a small space like this.

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