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A Young Gentleman's Bathroom: For Baby & Guests

A Young Gentleman's Bathroom: For Baby & Guests

A no-mess budget makeover for a dual purpose bathroom

This is one of those cases where the room's design was built around a single feature item.  I first laid eyes on the fabric before we even started trying for a family and knew it had to be incorporated into my baby room somehow.  What could be better than toile for children!?

Eventually, I found the perfect spot for it - the Roman blind for the baby and guest bathroom.  And so it decided the theme and colour scheme for the bathroom: A Country Gentleman in neutral, charcoal and duck egg.

With the perfect blind in place, the rest of the small bathroom received a very quick and affordable, no mess makeover to make the most of the limited space and accommodate the variety of users.


Gentlemen like baths, but their guests may want to shower

Because it would also serve as a guest bathroom, and we didn't want guests to use our bathrooms for a shower, we replaced the mixer on the bath with one with a shower adaptor and installed a hook on the wall for the shower head.  

Next, we needed a shower partition to keep the small space clean and safe, but the dado rail meant we couldn't secure a bath-shower door to the wall.  So we'd need a shower curtain, but I loath the plastic curtains that catch a gust of wind and lick you on your clean bottom - especially when you're a guest and you don't know how clean the curtain is.  Plus, they don't exactly spell luxurious country manor fit for a gentleman!

The solution is rather clever and looks very stylish if I do say so myself.  I secured a lightweight metal curtain rod between the two walls with adjustable rod extenders and installed a double shower curtain. It has a traditional water resistant shower curtain on the inside, but it's weighed down by luxurious linen look fabric curtain on the other side.  This means it won't brush up against you, and it looks really beautiful when you enter the bathroom.

Fabric shower curtain designed by Tassels & Tigers themed interiors for guest and baby bathroom in Johannesburg.
A shower mixer on a bath makes the best of a small space, designed by Tassels & Tigers interiors Johannesburg

Gentlemen don't leave their toys lying around

I didn't like the idea of plastic toys littering the bathtub and windowsill, collecting water and mould and becoming a health hazard. 

The baby and kid's bathroom toy storage solution was to hang some good looking wire baskets from the towel railing where we could store the bath toys.  This allows them to drip-dry, and you can keep the bathroom tidy with hardly any effort at all. 

The baby bath seat also got a hook against the wall where it could drip-dry and be out of the way when a guest wanted to take a shower. 

As for the towels - they now had their place behind the bathroom door on some towel hooks. 

Clever baby and kids bathroom toys storage solution by Tassels & Tigers interiors in Johannesburg
A baby bath seat is hung on the wall to prevent it from staying wet and in the way.

Theme appropriate finishing touches

To round off the makeover I kitted the small bathroom out with:

  • three sets of bath mats and guest towels in the three curtain colours - duck egg, neutral and charcoal
  • a guest towel hook and
  • toilet roll holder that was always missing from the bathroom
  • theme fitting natural bath products
  • a wall clock, because a gentleman is always on time and
  • theme inspired wall art by yours truly. 
A quick and stylish gentleman themed bathroom makeover for baby and guests, by Tassels & Tigers interiors

If you have a small space that needs just a couple of clever storage and styling solutions, you know how to get hold of us!

Tassels & Tigers interior design in Johannesburg South Africa
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