Night Jewel Scatter

Night Jewel Scatter


50 cm x 50 cm

*Genuine West African Dutch Wax Print Front

Feather & Tassel Trim

Feather Inner

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Against the desert night sky, a bright yellow star can appear almost jewel like – a token of passion and adoration between two star-crossed lovers.

This *limited edition genuine West African Dutch Wax Print scatter is adorned with a feather and golden tassel – tokens from the desert and the palace where Solomon and Sheba’s love flourished.

*All the colour fabrics in the Solomon & Sheba range are individually sourced and limited edition.  Although the scatter designs will remain, feature fabrics will continually be updated.

Because we want your scatter cushions to look professionally made and last for years to come, all Tassels & Tigers scatters ship standard with a luxury feather inner.  This means they won’t flatten and you’ll be able to create that decorator’s puff and chop.