Full Interior Decor & Design Project

Full Interior Decor and Design Projects

This is a start-to-finish decor project.  You sit and look at pretty pictures and fabrics, we'll run around and make it happen.

We meet, discuss your inspiration, personal style and budget (which is normally anything between R 20 000 and R 200 000) and create your dream space on paper. Once you're happy, we go out and source the items or have them hand made. Then we oversee any remodeling or installations done by our trusted suppliers, deliver the pieces to your home and style the space.

We're big believers of creating a space that not only represents your personality and interests, but also oozes inspiration from the things you love most - movies, books, art - anything you can see, touch or smell.  That's what we call Themed Interiors and it's our passion!

We charge an hourly rate of R 350 for consultations and styling, as well as a 15% fee on the total project.

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