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Full Interior Design Projects

This is a start-to-finish decor project. We meet, discuss your inspiration, personal style and needs and create your dream space on paper. Once you're happy, we go out and source the items and suppliers, oversee any remodeling or installation, deliver the pieces to your home or office and style the space. 

About Belinda Fourie

An interior decorator and blogger wild about design, beautiful fabrics, art and literature.

Her recognised qualifications in Interior Decorating, Journalism and Theater Arts and background in Art History, Classical Literature and Languages therefore suit her just fine.

She's also a bit of a relic hunter and when she's not decorating with clients or writing about it, she's out visiting Joburg's galleries and restaurants scouting for decor trends and finds.

About Tassels & Tigers Interiors

We believe inspiration is what sets one interior design project apart from another and makes it speak to your soul.  Inspiration pulls a space together, but also gives you permission to colour outside the lines.

It's our privilege to apply good design principles and expertly sourced items to your inspiration.

About Our Services

Retail Assistance

Sometimes the most fun part of decorating is shopping together. This option is for you if you enjoy buying your own decor and furniture and would like us to guide your decision making.  We would love to get to know you over some tea before we take you shopping and are also able to offer discounts at certain stores. 

Decor Consultations

If you're keen to get your own hands dirty and just need some best practice tips, book a personal or electronic consultation with us. We will assess your current space, make suggestions, and assist in resolving any challenges.  We can also compile inspirational mood boards with actual available items.


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Allow us to source that pièce de résistance, or collection of pieces that you know will be the finishing touch in you home of office.  We have a wide network of exclusive stores you may not have access to and make sure we stay informed about the latest local artists and galleries.  If we don't know it, we will get to know it! 

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